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Navigating the Wild World of Remote Work

Navigating the Wild World of Remote Work Let’s talk about the revolution that’s been reshaping our work lives faster than you can say “Zoom meeting.” Yep, you guessed it – remote work! Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or just dipping your toes into the virtual waters, join us as we discuss the wonderful world […]

The Green Flags of Coworking

The Green Flags of Coworking If you’re tired of the solo office dance at your kitchen table, then it’s time to explore the vibrant world of coworking spaces. Wondering what makes a coworking space stand out in the crowd? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to the “Green Flags of Coworking.” Ready? Then […]

Why You Should Consider Coworking

Join Us As We Explore The “Why” Behind Coworking If you’re tired of the same old office grind or the lonely freelancing routine, it’s time to spice things up. Ever thought about diving into the magical world of coworking spaces? Trust me, it’s not just about sharing a desk – it’s a whole vibe! Let’s […]

10 Places That Don’t Suck in Oshawa & Durham Region

It’s a new school year and although university and college is the time to get to know your professors, pay attention in class and excel academically, it is also a great time to create new memories and experience new adventures. Let’s be honest, for many of us the location of the school is just as […]

What I Wish I Knew In First Year

Isn’t it so ironic that we usually come out of situations with so much knowledge and insight but in said situations we forget or disregard information that would be beneficial in that moment. Maybe that’s why they say experience is the best teacher. As someone who has been through four years of university, I can […]

Curing The Self-Isolation Blues

Hello Varsity Fam! Wow- what a month! We are living history right now. We are facing obstacles we as a generation have never been challenged by before, and it is hard. It may sound easy on paper, to just stay inside and hibernate during self-isolation, but we aren’t built that way. We are built to […]

Ways to Enjoy the Fall While Still Social Distancing!

Welcome new residents and hello to existing residents of Varsity Oshawa! For many of you, school has commenced again. Some programs still in school, some directed more online. While we are in a challenging time right now, social distancing is important to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Although it means we will be spending more […]