September 20, 2020 6:45 pm

Welcome new residents and hello to existing residents of Varsity Oshawa!

For many of you, school has commenced again. Some programs still in school, some directed more online.

While we are in a challenging time right now, social distancing is important to eliminate the spread of COVID-19. Although it means we will be spending more time indoors, there are still a lot of things to battle boredom! Stay happy, healthy and safe with this list of fun ideas and activities.


As the weather is still nice, get outside and get your physical activity in! There’s nothing like a good morning walk, especially if it’s on the way to get a delicious coffee, I mean, why not?

Since many gyms are closed, for more of a sweat, YouTube has lots of free videos available for a more intense workout.

Streaming Services

There are so many great streaming services available to binge watch all of your favourite tv series and movies. Streaming services come with a price, but many have free trial periods which is perfect for students, or create a joint account with a friend to share the monthly fee!

Some streaming services available that the Varsity team loves are, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, Hayu, Disney+, and Apple TV+.

Play Board Games or Card Games

Board games are often not everyone’s go to, but after the first lock down it has become a favourite past time. Who doesn’t love the classics like Monopoly, LIFE, Clue, UNO, Scrabble and Catan? The best part about games, is you can play them with a close circle of friends or family! You can even play some of these online!

Listen to Music, Podcasts or Audio Books!

Whether you’re cleaning your apartment, doing homework, exercising or just hanging out, music and podcasts make it fun.

Podcasts and audio books are a great new alternative to reading or watching tv. There are so many different genres of podcasts to choose from.

Check out some cooking tutorials

Instead of ordering Uber eats or picking up pre-made food, try cooking! Pinterest is the best app to find different recipes to try.

There are so many food subscriptions, that drop off a week’s worth of recipes of your choosing, right to your doorstep. The subscriptions come with all of the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to make the meals. Some of the best subscriptions include Chefs Plate, Hello Fresh, and Good Food.

Apple / Pumpkin Picking

Try something new, and go pick your own fruit for the new apple crumble recipe you found!


The fun farm is open seven days a week. Apple-picking season runs until the end of October. The farm also offers a market, pumpkins and a corn maze.


The farm offers different varieties of apples for picking throughout the season. Picking your own apples is open seven days a week. Tractor rides are also available on weekends.


Any other great ideas for enjoying a fun fall, let us know and we’ll share it on our social channels for everyone to see. Get outside, get active, stay healthy, socially distance but have fun!

Happy fall friends!
-Melinda & the Varsity Fam