About Seaway

Building Businesses Together.

Seaway Coworking is on a mission to empower today’s innovative businesses and individuals with the space and resources they need to thrive. Our alternative to the traditional office provides a low-cost workspace solution without missing out on the added support of office administrators, mail services, conference rooms, and more. And because our model provides so much flexibility, our members range from business accelerator programs to self-employed entrepreneurs to students in need of a better study space in downtown Kingston, Ontario.



Coworking Space With Personality.

Our Purpose:

Building people, building people.

Meet The Team.

Madyson Kiepprien-Fraser

Community Manager of Seaway Coworking

Madyson is a distinguished double alumna of St. Lawrence College. Armed with a comprehensive education, she has cultivated a rich and diverse skill set - particularly excelling in the realms of communication and strategy. When her nose isn't buried in a book, Madyson can be found testing out new baking recipes or skirting around Downtown Kingston's famous potholes on her rollerskates. Madyson serves as the Community Manager for Seaway Coworking, where her diverse skill set and personable nature converge to foster a thriving and collaborative workspace.